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Ramaa has been in the teaching profession for about
30 years and has engaged very closely with the students of senior classes, their parents as also her co-teachers and the head of the institution. As a class teacher and a mentor, she had the responsibility to not only maintain discipline and decorum in the class but more importantly to enable and encourage each student to perform and excel not just in studies but also in extra-curricular activities.
Curated from her many years of teaching, Ramaa published a book titled “Handle with Care” which shares 26 short stories on diverse themes of life and challenges faced while growing up. This book sheds light on the little things that matter to raise children in these complicated times and should be a boon for parents.

She strongly believes that one can get more focus and rhythm by participating in extra-curricular activities or sports which will positively contribute to the overall development of the student.


If you, as a parent,  


- are anxious about your child or worried about the future

- sense the development of unwelcome habits or negative character traits in your child

- feel stressed by your child's choices, vulnerability, emotional state or societal relationships

then, I am just a call away

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